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Month: January, 2011

You’re Not 19 Forever…

Hello most cherished readers.

Today is supposedly according to research (??) the most depressing day of the year. Deep. I can see why- it’s actually raining or was earlier. I am not depressed especially. I am back in GU2 and enjoying not doing very much revision at all….

Anyway, on the most depressing day of the year I am brought to face a rather scary reality that I won’t be young forever. In fact I am already descending into adulthood.

I no longer partake in the usage of recreational drugs (almost certainly a good thing.)
I now suffer from chronic, head crushingly awful hangovers, whereas when I was 17, 18 I could go out 3 or 4 nights on the trot quite happily.
I’ve had a full time job and paid income tax (on my ‘gap yah’).
I am in my first, proper grown up long term relationship with an older man (not obsecenely older but 3 and a half years.)
I am (as of Saturday) going to start renting my first house next year. It’s amazing! I’m living with Jade, Dave and Alex in a lovely 4 bed.
I’ve nearly been alive for 2 whole decades.
I am legally (and have been for over a year) an adult.
I am at university: I cook my own meals, I pay my own rent (with a little help from a thing called a loan).
I can nearly drive a car.
I am no longer in compulsory education.
I do my own laundry and regularly at that.
I’m actually getting better at not blowing all my cash in Topshop.

Thing is, sure, I won’t 19 forever. But I hope I’m making the most of it.

I’ve always wanted to be older than I am. Own a house, get married, get two dogs (called Baby and Marbella- don’t ask), have a job, cook dinner… you know that sort of thing.

So I have decided in deference (perhaps) or definance to my impending adulthood I am going to do something truly WILD before my 20th Birthday.

Tattoos are out of the question as are piercings (pain is an issue). So it’s got to be one last hurrah with the hair. It’s been shaved (one side, looked quite good), bright red, very long, black, a gingery colour, purple, very short, shaved up the back (unintentionally, mis communication at the hairdressers…disastrous), excessively straight, sprayed every colour under the sun, beyond greasy (when travelling), curly, put into a beehive, cut by me, cut by my friends, cut by my mother (I looked like a very poor man’s Cleopatra) and is now currently a respectable light brown colour…

Although, that is all going to change…


P.S I should be revising but I love you all so very much I decided to update the blog instead. Aww.


BOOK VERSUS FILM: Heated Debate.

I haven’t really watched many films. This is a revelation that came to me today. I might be one of the only people in the country whose read ‘The Princess Bride’ but not seen the film. I don’t mean this is in a ‘superior-tv-rots-your-brain’ sort of way, but in a genuine kind of ‘what-do-i-do-with-my-time?’ way. I watched The Beach today (Leonardo Di Capro looks phenomenal, very young) but I didn’t really like it. Compared to the book, it wasn’t much. The book was one of my obsessions. I didn’t dislike the film I just didn’t think it was as good as it could have been. I’m not saying I could have done a better job, I just thought it could have been even better given the material they were working from (the book).

So leads me on to a book versus film debate.

So here goes (if you disagree with me, feel free to tell me, but I’ll just shout you down)

AMERICAN PYSCHO: Christian Bale is outrageously good in the film, but overall Bret Easton Ellis is the master. Book.

FIGHT CLUB: Book’s not bad. But, overall, Brad Pitt in the ’90s? Film.

THE BEACH: Both brilliant. But book.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: Gregory Peck is wonderful, but Harper Lee is such an excellent writer. Book.

REBECCA: My boyfriend thinks the Hitchcock film is genius but I would go for book everytime because of ‘Last night I dreamt of Manderley‘ if nothing else. Book.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Brilliant story but I really don’t like Dickens. Sorry. Film.

HARRY POTTER: Now, this is a controversial one. I love Harry Potter books and films. But overall, it’s got to be Films for me. Sorry.

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD: Richard Yates- loved the book. Saw the film- most boring pile of wank. Book.

THE READER: Both excellent and I do really enjoy Kate Winslet. Overall, book though.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: Reading the book was like wrestling with someone I couldn’t see. Difficult. Watching the film was brilliant escapism. Film.

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA: One of my favourite books as a teenager. Absolute monstrosity of a film. Book.

MATILDA: Not even going to have a debate here. Roald Dahl everytime. Book.

ATONEMENT: I do like the film, Keira Knightley is less annoying than usual and I like how the film is shot. (Not that I know anything about it). But, the subtle nuances (sorry I am an English undergraduate) of the book are what makes it brilliant and ultimately they’re lost in the film. Book.

TRAINSPOTTING: I found the Irvine Welsh book difficult and irritating. The film is brilliant. Film.

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S: I like Truman Capote. I really do. But, I love Audrey Hepburn. Film.

I CAPTURE THE CASTLE: This is probably my favourite book of all time. I was quite worried about the film, would I hate it? Would it ruin the book? I love the film, I think it’s brilliant and faithful to the book and the characterisation is beautiful. But, overall, book.

I know a little about books and even less about film but I think it’s always go to express your under informed opinions. In fact, if I didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this because the blog probably wouldn’t exist.