Exciting News & A Couple of Romantic Truths

by alexxxxxandra

Hello all, I come with news from other lands. News from Surrey anyway. I have been elected Literature Editor for The Stag (university newspaper). How exciting!

Now, I will get on to be intended subject matter. I can wax lyrical about Feminism. I really do believe all the things I have written previously about women’s rights, gender roles etc see here and of course, the one I always implore you to read here.

HOWEVER, I cannot speak for all women, but this is all I have ever really wanted:

(How cool do I look with my ‘euro-trash, post-modern’ also unread, novel on the table?)

Yes, they are from Tristan. Yes, they are roses. Yes they are in my favourite colours: pink and cream. They came with a handwritten letter. (Obviously written in his hand, otherwise it would be weird…)
I hate stereotypes. I really do. I never ever want to what people expect me to be. I try as hard I can not to stereotype people (although I probably do all the time…definitely in this blog) but I love receiving flowers. And I think all women do really. There is something about a perfectly chosen bouquet that no other present can beat. It’s the very best way to say I love you.
The letter was the best of all. For all the men reading this, write more letters in your life! Fuck it, for anyone reading this…write more letters. They last forever and they are so much more personal than an email, a text, a phone call.
If you don’t believe me, imagine these words handwritten:
‘Before I met you, I fear I was sleeping, missing out on countless opportunities in favour of chasing fruitless pursuits…..I love you for everything. Your optimism, your passion, you kiss and the ice cream stain on your coat.’
-Tristan Redburn
So I might be a Feminist but I still want to recieve flowers and letters like this. I mean in all honesty, who wouldn’t?
Tristan, this is for you.
‘If they stop loving you, I won’t stop loving you. If they stop needing you, I’ll still need you my dear.’
You know what that means ❤