3 Traxxxx

by alexxxxxandra

The best thing I’ve pretty much ever done was download Spotify, way back in my first year, when it was free and there was no limit on the amount of times you could play a song.

I still have Spotify, except now I pay for it. Honestly though, I don’t begrudge them the £4.99/month because it puts great music at my fingertips.

I’ve recently discovered Frank Ocean. I know, where have I been hiding? 

Channel Orange is currently £5 on Amazon. If you like your Kanye West, but slowed down, if you like RnB and sampling, I think this might be the one for you. Ocean’s mad, but in a good way.



Another beauty I’ve recently got into, thankz to Spotify radio, is Kings of Convenience. Cutesy and indie, think Sufjan Stevens & Belle & Sebastian, but with a little more…more…piazazz I guess. I’d recommend Quiet is the New Loud, which is also around the £5 mark on Amazon.



“I’d never really known you, but I realised that the one you were before, had changed into somebody for whom I wouldn’t mind to put the kettle on. Still, I don’t know what I can save you from.”


If none of that appeals, jingly jangly indie with a hint of electro, might well do. Check out Miami Horror (not on Spotify *sob*). They’re fun, exciting, have crazed mixed up videos and every song reminds me of summer. Their album, Illumination, is a little more pricey on Amazon (£11) but it’s a great testament to youth, fun and love. 


“I don’t know just where you came from, but I need you now.”