Christmas via Co-Op and Poetry Books

by alexxxxxandra

“Maybe this Christmas, will mean something more.”

Maybe not.

I’m pretty much anti-festive. Not to be a downer or anything, but you’re about as likely to catch me wearing a Christmas jumper as you are to catch Victoria Beckham eating a full Christmas dinner, avec trimmings. 

I celebrated fake Christmas with my Guildford Family, aka the beautiful souls I share number 27 with, on Tuesday. We had 2 for Tuesday (thankz Dominos) and decked our kitchen out with crackers from Primark, stolen party hats, a stolen sign from Co-Op, and some 6 for £1 candles. 


Here we are, pre-Dominos. We also did Secret Santa. Now, I can get on board with Secret Santa. I had Gen (not in photo) for secret santa. Our limit was a tenner so I burnt her a some CDs for the car, got her some cute fridge magnets and bought her Broetry. The ultimate Lit Student to Lit Student gift, a poetry book. She wanted it. I swear.



Obligatory Christmas post out of way then!