The Dailies: Greatest Fears

by alexxxxxandra

1) Birds. I don’t know why. I haven’t even seen Hitchcock’s seminal (and allegedly terrifying) The Birds. They just freak me out. The beating of their wings makes me nervous.


A scene from The Birds.

2) Snowballs. I have an over active imagination and even the most innocent and poorly packed of balls (pun unintentional) could be holding a stone. That stone could hit me on the temple and kill me. It’s all possible. 

3) Hamsters and all other small furry creatures. I HATE THEM ALL.


Not welcome here.

4) Monkeys. They’re loud, rabid and playful. Need I say more?


He will kill you. Trust me.

5) Going blind. Colour is beautiful; I would hate to lose it.

And this is the big one

6) Losing the people I love. If that’s not your biggest fear, you need to re-think your priorities.

I will be taking a break from The Dailies this weekend, but I’ll be back next week. Til then, take care x